Another Iteration of Change

Can you do this?

26 September 1986
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Shae, age 21.

Waiting patiently to hear from the Air Force, I spend my time knitting, flipping through my iPod, and daydreaming about running an alpaca ranch and homeschooling my (currently non-existant) children.

You can always hear God laughing around me, because I've got some big plans. I love raising babies and animals and plants and I plan on spending my life doing just that. Before we get there though, I have to earn me a living.

Enter the Air Force. I want to be a translator, spend some time over in California learning some exotic foreign language like Farsi or Korean, then travel the world, pissing off our enemies by translating their secrets.

There's a lot to me besides all that, but to find out more you'll have to ask.